Modern. Bright. Clean. Capable. Caring. These are a handful of words to describe the offices of Cape Integrative Health. With a facility that encompasses multiple suites for primary care, acupuncture, and chiropractic—as well as an extensively equipped private gym and physical therapy area—the synergy amongst our staff and providers is an almost tangible thing to anyone inside the building. Our office is a place of ongoing treatment programs as well as same-day, walk-in acute care—from post-surgical care to cuts, scrapes, and minor illnesses.

We bring together the very best of Eastern and Western medicine: x-rays, blood draws, and referrals/collaborations with some of Maine’s largest hospitals and medical offices are as much a part of our process as acupuncture needles, musculo-skeletal manipulations, and resistance bands. All of it is directed to the same goal: how do we best care for the patient? As we integrate 21st century science, state of the art medical technology, and healing arts that are literally thousands of years old, one thing is clear: we are working hard to lead the way to a new, better, and more patient-centered model of healthcare.