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The Sustainable Athlete

Cape Chiropractic and Acupuncture has proudly partnered with The Sustainable Athlete. We strongly support their approach to developing an athlete's intuition for continued performance enhancement:


Take a moment to list all the characteristics that true champions possess. “Genetics, work ethic, passion…” Yes, all necessary properties, but there is one word that many miss; “Intuition”. A champion knows when to train, how hard to push, and when to rest by tremendous knowledge of self. For a fortunate few it is innate, but for all others it is a skill that can be developed.

The Sustainable Athlete feels that the greatest value in having a coach is facilitating an athlete’s intuition. Ultimately, this consciousness will lead to injury reduction and stronger performance with better training and racing consistency, and create a life with better balance. Our coaches pride themselves on developing an individual training plan that takes into account the stresses and schedule of one’s unique life. The reality is that a seldom few of us are out there training and racing for paychecks; this is our way of life, our love, self-discovery, and necessity for physical and mental health.

More information regarding The Sustainable Athlete can be found here


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